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Valentines Day

5 Reasons to Gift a Clean Home for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a meaningful way to show your significant other you love them this Valentine’s Day? Then skip the traditional gifts and give something with much more value – a clean home. What makes this idea special is it addresses several needs and stresses adults have in their lives.

Your Loved One Has a Say in the Gift

Chocolate and flowers are common go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day, meaning they likely won’t receive a big reaction. Yet, it can seem risky to choose something else – but you don’t want to ruin the idea and get their opinion beforehand.

One reason a clean home is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea is because it can both surprise your significant other and ensure their satisfaction. Every house and homeowner is different, which is why cleaning services like ours prioritize understanding the needs and expectations of clients. Before we start, your loved one has the ability to share their expectations and how they would like their home cleaned. We create a cleaning checklist from this information to ensure satisfaction.

Taking Care of the Cleaning Makes Time in Their Busy Schedule

Does your significant other work full-time or are you raising a family together? If so, you already know how busy life can be and how quickly time goes. Even without a full-time job or raising children, days quickly fill up. For many, the weekends may seem like the only time to unwind.

Yet, when the weekend comes, we usually need to take care of chores we didn’t get to during the week. On top of doing laundry or running to the grocery store, this could be the best time to fit in tasks such as cleaning the bathroom or dusting. By having a cleaning service clean their home, it frees up more time in their day. This extra time will give them the ability to relax.

A Clean Home Shows You Care About Their Health 

One of the places that people spend most of their time is at home. And, we all know how houses can get without proper, routine cleaning. A lack of time or desire to clean not only makes for an unpleasant sight, but a bacteria and germ-ridden environment. 

This can lead to a variety of health problems. For example, dirty kitchen counters can lead to infections such as the flu and the common cold. While this might not be alarming, there are also long term health risks. For example, dust build-up and dust mites can lead to serious respiratory problems. Dirty homes can also be a haven for rats and cockroaches which can carry serious diseases such as typhoid. 

Cleaning Professionals Ensure Nothing is Missed

After spending hours cleaning, it is rewarding to sit back and feel proud of your hard work.

Yet, there is nothing worse than spending the whole day cleaning to sit down and see you missed a spot. It can be easy to forget about dust on fan blades or down low on baseboards, for example.

A cleaning service will eliminate this kind of frustration from your loved one’s life. First, professionals know all the important places to clean and how to best address different cleaning needs. And, not only do cleaning services handle the hard work, but as mentioned before, they gather customer input in advance. This ensures taking care of important tasks in your home will be top-of-mind.

Regular Cleaning Improves Appliance Lifespan

As new appliances can be costly, it is especially important to get as many years of use out of them as possible. But let’s be honest –  if you don’t enjoy cleaning, it can be easy to convince yourself to cut corners.

Chores such as cleaning the microwave can be easy to forget or ignore until there is mess of food or mold build-up. One thing to know is that the scraps of food left in your microwave absorb energy when in use. This makes your microwave need to put in more effort than necessary, affecting its lifespan. A service will often take care of cleaning inside appliances such as microwaves and stoves. Ultimately, this will also help prolong financial stress by allowing more time to save up for such purchases.

A clean home is a gift that will not only benefit your loved one, but you and the space itself as well. Best of all, this thoughtful gesture requires no extra effort on your part – all you need to do is find a house cleaning service that fits your needs.

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