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Overlooked Cleaning Tasks for a Healthier Home

There’s no question about it – keeping a home running smoothly requires a lot of work. For example, is deep cleaning your home on your to-do list this spring? While you may regularly mop, dust, and clean the bathroom, it’s easy to regularly overlook certain tasks. Yet, a highly detailed approach can prevent respiratory issues, the spread of germs, mold growth, pest infestations, and more in your home.

Ensure your home receives a thorough deep cleaning by adding these tasks to your spring cleaning checklist:

  • Clean Ceiling Fans

Let’s start at the top of your home – when did you last turn on a ceiling fan? Whether it was today or months ago due to cold temperatures, routine ceiling fan cleaning is a must.

After long periods of inactivity, it is especially important to clean ceiling fans before use. This is because long periods of inactivity allow for increased dust buildup which can result in the dust being distributed around the affected room when the fan is turned on. This distribution of dust can result in decreased indoor air quality and the spread of allergens which can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

But that’s not all – dust buildup on ceiling fans can affect fan life and efficiency, attract dust mites, and be a potential fire hazard.

  • Disinfect Light Switches

How many times do you use a light switch each day? Used so frequently, it’s unlikely anyone could keep track. Despite being a high touch item, regular disinfection is rarely a part of anyone’s cleaning checklist. However, light switches have approximately 217 bacteria per square inch on average, making them dirtier than an average toilet seat. While small, light switches can be the starting point of the spread of germs and illnesses due to improper handwashing, especially during cold and flu season.

As you know, ceiling fans aren’t the only place where dust and allergens like to spend time in your home. Cleaning light switches is also important to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and respiratory issues due to the presence of allergens.

  • Clean Appliance Drip Pans

Although commonly out of direct sight, cleaning the drip pans of your home appliances shouldn’t be out of mind.

Appliances that come with drip pans typically include stoves/ovens, refrigerators, range hoods, dehumidifiers, and washing machines, for example. You may also find one as a part of your dishwasher. However, some are not designed for regular user maintenance. When accessible, the potential risks of ignoring this task include mold growth, insect infestations, appliance malfunctions, and fire hazards.

Refrigerators typically have a drip pan at the bottom, a dishwasher’s drip pan can usually be found beneath the appliance, and the drip pans for an electric stove or oven are often found beneath the burners. If you’re passionate about green cleaning (like we are), use this green method to clean your stove’s drip pans!

  •  Wash Baseboards

Trust us – this cleaning task isn’t only for those who strive to go above and beyond or focus on the finest of details. Yet, forgetting to regularly wash baseboards will take away from the appearance of your home. This is because forgetting to clean can result in dirt and dust buildup (which can affect indoor air quality), deterioration of paint or finish on baseboards, and stains from spills, scuff marks, and more.

Along with dust and dirt, crumbs and food particles can also build on neglected baseboards. This can make your home a welcoming environment for ants and cockroaches, for example. Be sure to also give great attention to baseboards in areas with a lot of moisture or humidity to prevent mold growth.

Want to ensure that your deep spring cleaning mission is successful? Contact our team! We will handle your home’s specific cleaning needs this spring – from washing ceiling fan blades to dusting lampshades, wiping baseboards, and much more!

Get started by contacting a location near you, or by requesting a free cleaning quote via our website.

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