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MaidGreen Tidy Tips

Ants are social insects, have you accidentally invited them into your home? Since ants are social where a consistent food source is available, they will be there, with their friends, and soon… you’ll have a colony. Preventative measures include a clean floors and entryways, food in sealed containers and frequently emptying trash receptacles.

Tidy Tips for naturally repelling* common ants in your home:

1. Essential Oils: Use essential oils such as peppermint, citrus oil and tea tree oil to make an ant-repellent spray. Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water, 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of citrus oil. Shake well and spray areas where ants are commonly found, including baseboards, window tracks.

2. White Vinegar: Vinegar spray makes great natural ant repellent. Fill a spray bottle with equal amounts of common white vinegar and water. Shake well and spray areas where ants enter the home such as entryways, floor drains, utility lines, cracks and seams in walls, etc.

3. Cornmeal: Cornmeal is a natural repellent, sprinkle cornmeal around ant nests and entry points, which repels them but does not kill them.

If keeping a clean, non-toxic green home is a priority, Maid Green Made Clean Since 2006® is your answer. Cleaning for health first and appearance second without compromise. Call Maid Green Made Clean Since 2006® today to schedule your cleaning service.

Five Ant Factoids:

1. An ant can lift 20 times its own body weight.

2. Ants don’t have ears. Ants “hear” by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet.

3. Ants don’t have lungs. Oxygen enters through tiny holes all over the body and carbon dioxide leaves through the same holes.

4. When foraging, ants leave a pheromone trail so that they know where they’ve been.

5. When ants fight, it is usually to the death!

*Please Note: Always take necessary precautions regarding the health and safety of your children and pets when using any insect repellant.

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Tidy Tip Bleach

Bleach is an effective home disinfectant but not a cleaning agent. There are dangers of using bleach, which may outweigh the advantages. Hopefully most people are aware that mixing bleach with ammonia creates a toxic gas. What everyone may not be aware of is that urine contains ammonia. So when cleaning with bleach on pet stains or urine on a toilet and the surrounding floor, take care, you are probably creating a toxic situation. Pet owners be especially vigilant.

Another commonly missed hazard is mixing bleach with acid which causes a toxic gas. Vinegar is a commonly used acid household cleaner. Cleaning with a combination of bleach and vinegar could be a recipe for disaster.

Exposure to bleach may cause: coughing from inhaling fumes, abdominal pain, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting and more.

Bottom Line: please use extreme caution when cleaning with bleach.

Maid Green Made Clean Since 2006®uses EPA-approved cleaning solutions, which are composed of sanitizers and virucides. SANITIZER Reduces the Number of Bacteria and Lowers the number of bacteria on surfaces to levels that are considered safe by public health organizations. VIRUCIDE Kills Viruses Destroys or irreversibly inactivates viruses in the inanimate environment.

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Tidy Tip #3

Between Cleanings, it is recommended to focus on cleaning household HIGH-TOUCH points frequently with a sanitizing product. Get rid of Corona Virus Covid-19.

Entry Points — Doorknobs, light switches and handrails.

Handles — Microwaves and cupboards/cabinets.

Appliances — Ovens, refrigerators and washers/dryers.

Electronics — Keyboards, computer mouse and tablets.

Hand Helds— Cell phones, remotes, and gaming controls.

Surfaces — Countertops, cutting boards and tables.

Bathrooms— Toilet handles, including seats and lids.

Children— Toys, infant changing tables and furniture.

Furniture— Hard-surface chairs, tables and lamps.

If keeping a clean, non-toxic green home is a priority, Maid Green Maid Clean Since 2006® is your answer. Cleaning for health first and appearance second without compromise.

Tidy Tips helps you maintain your home and Break the Chain of Infection. Maid Green Maid Clean Since 2006® wants your family to be healthy during this flu season. We use Enviro-friendly EPA approved Cleaners and Virucides.

Maintain a clean home and Break the Chain of Infection. Maid Green® wants your family to be healthy during this flu season. Here are some tips on cleaning household HIGH-TOUCH points frequently with a sanitizing cleaning solution. We used three microfiber cloths, yellow for kitchen, green for entry points and red for restroom.

Posted by Let it Shine Natural Cleaning on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Robert P

The girls from Maid Green, Darlene and Ann, are top notch professionals!  They worked quickly and proficiently, and did a wonderful job.  My Portofino Tower unit has seen many a cleaning service and as a picky person, it has been difficult to find someone I’m satisfied with.  No more…I’ve found Maid Green and will continue to call upon them.

Hope M

AMAZING! AMAZING! All around AMAZING job! Truly passionate about leaving your home exactly
the way you want!

Kris B

Maid Green was very responsive and professional. He took time and was very patient in answering my questions. I really liked the fact they use natural products and were flexible in working within my priorities of what I wanted to be cleaned. They brought their own cleaning supplies and spent 3 hours deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. Nelson also gave me some tips on how to keep a few areas better maintained using natural methods. They were very comfortable with our animals being around. I also like the fact that they give back to the community by cleaning houses of people going through cancer treatment via Cleaning for a Reason Charity.

J. Rudell

Maid Green scrubbed all three full bathrooms inside and out, as well and vacuumed and wiped clean all window sills and ledges throughout the entire house.

Maid Green did an amazing job helping to tidy my home. They arrived promptly, I showed them what I was looking to achieve and they got right to work. They paid attention to the minor details that typically only the homeowner would obsess over. They exceeded my expectations and gave me good advice for cleaning in between visits. I will be using them again. I highly recommend!