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There is much involved when taking on the responsibility of being a holiday party host. For Thanksgiving, it is about more than taking part in cooking and coordinating who will be bringing what. Hosts also need to prioritize creating a welcoming environment for their guests, which makes cleaning the house important. 


If you are hosting a holiday get-together this season, we’ve created a simple house cleaning checklist to help you and your home shine on the big day. 


  • Deep Clean the Fridge


 Whether you’re having a small gathering or a big party, you’ll likely have guests bringing dishes or helping in the kitchen. A clean fridge will give your guests peace-of-mind that they are eating in a safe environment. It has been proven that dirty fridges can cause serious illnesses such as norovirus or shigella. While wiping down the refrigerator, it’s also a great time to get rid of any old food. This will ensure room for food prep and all the delicious leftovers.


  • Scrub the Stove/Oven


Appliances such as the stove and oven are used daily, and we rely on them even more on Thanksgiving Day. We know busy schedules and the need to put food on the table can make it hard to find the time to clean them. Yet, this doesn’t make cleaning appliances any less important. A dirty oven can affect the taste of your food and is a fire hazard, for example. 


  • Check the Bathrooms


Are any of your guests from out of town planning to stay overnight? They might want to freshen up by showering – and they shouldn’t change their minds because of what they find. 

Additionally, toilets, sinks, countertops, and mirrors should be cleaned, and hand towels should be replaced


  • Dust the Entire House


If it seems like dust is constantly building up in your home, it can be hard to find motivation to clean. Yet, dust is not only unpleasing to the eye – the dust in your home can cause respiratory problems and bother allergies. Dust is made up of dirt, soil particles, hair, pollen, bits of dead bugs, and more


  • Pick up Clutter/Toys


One of the best ways to make sure that your guests will be comfortable is to have enough space. When your home is organized, it looks better and can seem more spacious. Your guests should be able to easily find a spot to sit and move around your home.


We also recommend cleaning out the coat closet and raking the leaves to improve the look and organization of your home. 


While many look forward to all the fun of the holiday season, it can also be a stressful time. Luckily, there are always those that are happy to help. If you are looking for help with your home before or after a holiday party, request a free cleaning quote from our team.