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Holiday Cleaning

Holiday Party House Cleaning Guide

What do you most look forward to when it comes to the holiday season? For many, this is a time of year to focus on the importance of getting together with friends and family members. 

Are you planning on hosting a holiday party soon? If so, you came to the right place. No matter what kind of holiday party you are hosting, our cleaning tips will help you make your home a warm and inviting place to celebrate the holidays and get ready for the new year.

Cleaning Before a Holiday Party

One of the most important things to think about when hosting a holiday party is where you want people to spend their time. For example, does your home have a basement which would offer more room to mingle and would accommodate several tables?

Preparing your basement to be the hub of the party requires some important cleaning steps that cannot be overlooked. While the main floor of your home gets dirty more frequently because of how much time your family spends there, your basement may be dirty for the opposite reason. If your basement isn’t used regularly, you may forget to clean it or easily overlook its state. Cleaning should involve a thorough vacuuming, dusting and special attention to eliminating spiderwebs. Also, be sure that all the bathrooms in your home are guest-ready in case several guests need to use them at the same time.

Cleaning After a Holiday Party

While being a party host can be draining, your work isn’t done once the party is over. Many of the areas you cleaned to get ready for a party will need to be cleaned again afterwards. Yet, there are other important areas and objects that you need to address as well. 

Did you only have time to quickly clean kitchen appliances after making some dishes for your holiday party? With the stress of entertaining over, it’s now a great time to go back and focus on making your kitchen appliances shine.This includes everything from the stove, to the fridge and microwave (even if you didn’t use it before the party, it’s important to not overlook cleaning any appliances now). Thoroughly cleaning kitchen appliances (inside and out) extends their lifespan and reduces the chance of illness in your home. Plus, a thorough deep cleaning will give your kitchen a refreshing feeling heading into the new year!

While we all love the increased social interactions that come with parties, we must be aware of the potential spreading of germs. As cold and flus are common this time of year, after party house cleaning should involve focusing on both the large areas and small objects in your home. You may have thought about cleaning the bathroom, countertops, tables, and vacuuming, but what about cleaning lightswitches, handrails, and door knobs? 

Hosting a holiday party involves a lot of work even without including house cleaning. Some of the other responsibilities of party hosts include getting the word out, choosing the catering and/or making food themselves, and decorating. Our cleaning team can help you focus on the other aspects of planning a party and relax once the party is over. Review our residential cleaning services or request a free cleaning quote today.

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