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Holiday Party Cleaning

*   Holiday Party House Cleaning Guide   What do you most look forward to when it comes to the holiday season? For many, this is a time of year to focus on the importance of getting together with friends and family members.    Are you planning on hosting a holiday party soon? If so, […]

Preparing for Thanksgiving

“Miami, Florida Thanksgiving Deep Kitchen Cleaning Guide” Are you caught up in the whirlwind of planning your Thanksgiving feast in sunny Miami, Florida? While the menu is a crucial aspect of your holiday get-together, don’t forget the importance of a sparkling kitchen. Maintaining a clean kitchen is vital, whether you’re whipping up traditional dishes or […]


Housekeeping Tips for Reducing Allergens What comes to mind when you think of autumn? You may think of leaves changing color and falling, Halloween, colder temperatures, and, unfortunately, seasonal allergies. There are several fall and year-round allergy triggers, including mold and dust mites.  Luckily, with regular, proper housekeeping, you can reduce the amount of allergens […]

Back To School Deep Cleaning Checklist

                                      BACK TO SCHOOL DEEP CLEANING CHECKLIST         Back to School Deep Cleaning Checklist As the official start of fall is around the corner, you may be feeling a bit blue. The kids are […]

Fight Germs!

How to Prevent and Fight Germs Around the House   How to Prevent and Fight Germs Around the House   Kids are headed back to school which means the start of fall isn’t too far behind. Both the change in season and back to school time can have a profound impact on your household. For […]

3 Cool Housekeeping Facts

Where do you find yourself spending the most time during the summer months in Miami? While you might be spending more time outdoors, the cleanliness of your home isn’t any less important. Beat the heat and enjoy these interesting (and important) facts about house cleaning. Cleaning / A Clean Environment Can Affect Your Mental State […]

3 Tips for Maintaining A Clean Home Over the Summer

3 Tips for Maintaining A Clean Home Over the Summer School is out and the official start of summer is almost here – what does this time of year mean for your household? Often, children spend more time around the house during the summer months. This could mean more house cleaning is needed as your […]

3 ways to Help Parents with House Cleaning

    3 Ways to Help Aging Parents with Housekeeping When was the last time you cleaned your home? As we welcomed spring not too long ago, you might have recently done some seasonal cleaning. While you may be staying on track with housekeeping tasks, can you think of someone who might be having trouble […]

Go Green In April

April is an important month for the environment. While you may know that it’s is when we celebrate Earth Day, did you know that April is Keep America Beautiful Month? Or that the last full week is known as Sky Awareness Week?   We encourage you to spend this month advancing your knowledge and beginning […]

3 Benefits of Spring Cleaning

What do you think of when you think of spring? Do you think of spending more time outdoors because of warmer temperatures? How about cleaning your home? Many are familiar with the concept of  “spring cleaning” as it has been a tradition for quite some time. But what makes cleaning specifically during the beginning of […]