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House Cleaning Checklist for the Holidays

          There is much involved when taking on the responsibility of being a holiday party host. For Thanksgiving, it is about more than taking part in cooking and coordinating who will be bringing what. Hosts also need to prioritize creating a welcoming environment for their guests, which makes cleaning the house […]

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Reasons for Cleaning Green

Reasons for Cleaning Green  How do you choose cleaning products? While price or brand recognition may be key influences, there is much more to consider. Overall, your choices can negatively impact your health, the health of your loved ones, and the environment.   Some of the dangerous household products to avoid include antibacterial products, air […]

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Maid Green Blog

“Green”Therapy Bring the Benefits of the Outdoors Indoors!   The benefits of indoor landscaping goes far beyond the aesthetic. Not only do household plants provide a pleasant and appealing environment, they can also reduce stress, purify your air and uplift your mood. There is general agreement amongst scientists that plants improve the indoor environment. Get […]

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MaidGreen Tidy Tips

Ants are social insects, have you accidentally invited them into your home? Since ants are social where a consistent food source is available, they will be there, with their friends, and soon… you’ll have a colony. Preventative measures include a clean floors and entryways, food in sealed containers and frequently emptying trash receptacles. Tidy Tips […]

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Tidy Tip Bleach

Bleach is an effective home disinfectant but not a cleaning agent. There are dangers of using bleach, which may outweigh the advantages. Hopefully most people are aware that mixing bleach with ammonia creates a toxic gas. What everyone may not be aware of is that urine contains ammonia. So when cleaning with bleach on pet […]

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Tidy Tip #3

Between Cleanings, it is recommended to focus on cleaning household HIGH-TOUCH points frequently with a sanitizing product. Get rid of Corona Virus Covid-19. Entry Points — Doorknobs, light switches and handrails. Handles — Microwaves and cupboards/cabinets. Appliances — Ovens, refrigerators and washers/dryers. Electronics — Keyboards, computer mouse and tablets. Hand Helds— Cell phones, remotes, and […]

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Tidy Tip #2

It is Nature’s Odor Neutralizer Tidy Tips helps you maintain your home, and Tidy Tip #2 utilizes the economical easy-to-use and easy-to-find Baking Soda. Maid Green Maid Clean Since 2006® wants your home to stay clean and fresh between visits. Fridge Odors–Open a small box of Baking Soda and place it in the back corner […]