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Our Roots

Maid Green was established in 2006 with a special purpose in mind and that is to bring high quality cleaning services at affordable rates to our residential and commercial clients.

When you hire Maid Green you not only receive superior cleaning quality and safety, but you support fair and responsible business practices.

Our motto is to not only provide superior quality cleaning services, but to prepare an eco-friendly environment for our clients, so that they stay healthy throughout their time in the that place.

Why we are the best choice?

Custom Cleaning: Maid Green is best known for serving client requests. This means, you are the boss and  you can have the house cleaned as you want.

Exceptional Service: We give attention to every detail while we are cleaning your home, office or studio. The best part about a clean house is that no space is left with dirt. That is only possible if detailed cleaning is done by a top quality team. That is what we do!


You may be busy in your schedule & want Maid Green to help you get your house cleaned. We will get all the details from you and our team will start the work & finish it without any problems. Moreover, if you are not satisfied and want a revision we are happy to do it for free.


Sometimes, it happens that you want to cancel an appointment. We are happy to refund you the money, if we have not already started the work. Cancellation or suspension of service is your right.

Our “ Maid Green, Made Clean” system is delivers cleaning efficiency and the highest quality (no missed spots, no rushing). Our many years in the competitive cleaning market show that our long-term customers appreciate our teams’ consistency, trustworthiness, and reliability. We use the industry standard in green products so that your home or business will be cleaner and healthier than with conventional products.

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Here’s what we can do for you

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    Bank Cleaning
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    Office Cleaning
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    Real Estate Cleaning
  • Image icon-4
    Yoga Centers
  • Image icon-5
    Gym Cleaning
  • Image icon-6
    Nursing Home Cleaning
  • Image icon-7
    Daycare Cleaning
  • Image icon-8
    Retail Store Cleaning
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    Pressure Washing
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    Carpet Cleaning
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We know a good presentation
goes a long way.

  • That’s why our Green Cleaning crew will impress you, your clients and customers with a Green Clean shine.
  • Your environmental awareness, eco-friendliness, and health consciousness will be noticed by your
    customers right away.
  • An Eco-Friendly environment has been proven to improve morale among your employees, to.
  • Our expert office cleaning services ensure a worry- free way for your business to maintain a pro-
    fessional atmosphere day after day.
  • We do the work, so you can concentrate on your business. Whether you require daily office, retail or janitorial cleaning services, we can customize a cleaning schedule that meets your business goals and budget.

J. Rudell

August 2015

Maid Green scrubbed all three full bathrooms inside and out, as well and vacuumed and wiped clean all window sills and ledges throughout the entire house. Maid Green did an ...

Kris B

May 2017

Maid Green was very responsive and professional. He took time and was very patient in answering my questions. I really liked the fact they use natural products and were flexible ...


October 2017

Maid Green is wonderful. I try to use them monthly, but I think May was the last time. I’ve been a customer for awhile so I think I’m kind of ...


October 2015

Punctuality is one of the things that is important and they are an ...


November 2017

The price was fair. I was ...

Hope M

July 2017

AMAZING! AMAZING! All around AMAZING job! Truly passionate about leaving your home exactly the way you ...

Ron - Residential Cleaning Services - Maid Green Cleaning Services


January 2017

Maid Green was excellent from start to finish. It was simple to reach them to set up the appointment, the appointment was within the timeframe I needed, they were polite, ...


December 2015

Could not ask for better service. In constant contact with provider who asked for specific needs if any so that team could be thoroughly prepared to handle requests. The two-woman ...

Robert P

August 2015

The girls from Maid Green, Darlene and Ann, are top notch professionals!  They worked quickly and proficiently, and did a wonderful job.  My Portofino Tower unit has seen many a ...


March 2017

Cleaning technicians are prompt, friendly, efficient, and easy to communicate with. It’s more expensive than hiring an individual but it’s also very reliable and professional service. Betting bingo sites offer ...

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Maid Green is an environmentally friendly professional cleaning service established in 2006. We provide exceptional cleaning services for your home or office while protecting the environment.

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