A Valentine’s Day Guide

Love is in the air with many focused on showing affection for their significant other during the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. Yet, all couples, no matter how perfect they may seem during this time of year, experience both ups and downs. Their ability to work together to resolve their issues is one reason why they have such a strong bond. 

 Are differences regarding cleanliness causing tension in your relationship? If so, below we share tips to increase the harmony in your relationship and home, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

– Compromise to Define Priorities

Being open to compromise is crucial when working through differences. When it comes to resolving issues about cleanliness, start by having a collaborative conversation about cleaning priorities. Determine which rooms it matters most are clean and clutter-free. For example, a clean kitchen can help keep pests such as ants and mice away whereas a clean bedroom can make for a better night’s rest. Don’t forget to also discuss rooms where upkeep can be more flexible, such as one’s in-home office space or leisure spaces. 

Next, brainstorm together and create a cleaning schedule. Think about how often each room should be cleaned and list all necessary cleaning tasks. This exercise will ensure you both are on the same page regarding what needs to get done and how often. Throughout the discussion, keep your focus on understanding each other’s point of view and being open to change to help your partner feel heard. 

– Work Together to Distribute Chores

How will you and your partner divide the cleaning chores you listed in the step above? What strengths or qualities do you and your partner bring to the table separately to help you successfully run the house together? 

Does your partner hate cleaning the bathroom but makes a neater bed each morning and is passionate about having clean floors? Alternatively, you may not mind cleaning the bathroom, dusting or putting the dishes away. Determining how to distribute chores in a way that focuses on individual strengths and preferences can transform how you look at housework. It can also remind you both how you complement each other and make up for where the other one may lack.

Don’t be afraid to also come together on some cleaning tasks to strengthen your teamwork skills and save time. It is important to stay flexible and listen to your partner’s needs. Prioritize open communication and change up chore distribution if the need to do so is expressed. 

  •  Acknowledge Your Partner’s Efforts

Expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong. Have you thanked your partner for doing chores around the house? If not, why not? The simple act of expressing thanks will help them feel what they do is noticed. It can also show them that cleanliness matters to you.

Similarly, if your partner is working to take on more responsibilities around the house, acknowledge their efforts. Being specific is a great way to help your partner feel appreciated. For example, instead of saying “thanks for all you did today”, you could say something such as “I noticed you cleaned the living room carpet and cleaned the bathroom – both rooms look so much better!”

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