3 Ways a Clean House Can Improve Your Life

As 2022 comes to a close, are you thinking of what you can do to make your life better in 2023? 

You may want to eat healthier or exercise more, for example. We know one thing you should focus on that can make a big difference: keeping a clean home. 

  • Cleaning and Physical Health

We all want to stay healthy and it is well-known that cleaning removes bacteria, reducing the chance of becoming ill. But there’s even more of a reason fit tasks like dusting and sweeping into your schedule – housekeeping can help you reach your fitness goals. 

It’s true – tasks such as sweeping, heavy scrubbing, and mopping help you burn some calories. And, giving some extra thought and effort can mean a greater impact and make housekeeping less of a chore. You can get more from your house cleaning routine by thinking of ways that you can easily incorporate exercises into different tasks. For example, you can do lunges while making the bed, vacuuming, and scrubbing windows

Don’t have much time in your schedule to pick up a mop or broom so you use a cleaning service? There’s still good news – a clean home can positively affect your eating habits (no matter who cleans).

  • Cleaning and Mental Health

How have you been feeling lately? We live in a busy world, and adulthood is filled with responsibilities.Therefore, it is important to do what we can to take care of our own mental health.

Many things cause stress – including ones you may not think of at first – such as having a cluttered home! However, stress is not the only negative feeling that comes from an untidy home. Clutter has been linked to high levels of cortisol which is associated with feelings of depression and anxiety. 

You’ll not only feel more pride in your home when it is clean, but there can be other benefits. One study showed a clean space made 60% of people less stressed, 72% more productive, 77% more focused, and 80% more relaxed.

  • Cleaning and Sleep Quality

No matter what your goals are for next year, it will be hard to achieve them if you don’t have enough energy. While a dirty space might not keep you up at night, it can make a difference. 

One survey of self-described “habitually messy” people and “clean” people showed “clean” people were roughly twice as likely to feel content with the quality of their sleep.

However, it’s not only important to dust and vacuum – how often do you wash the bedding?  While it’s harder to notice when it need cleaning, bedding should be washed routinely. One study showed those who washed bedding regularly reported a 19% better rest at night. Of course, you will be more at ease when you don’t need to think hard about the last time you cleaned!

Overall, by prioritizing keeping your space clean, you can experience personal benefits that can help you shine in 2023. Do you not have the time (or desire) to clean yourself? Could you use some regular cleaning help? Get ready for the year ahead now by setting up routine cleaning appointments with a service.