3 Cool Housekeeping Facts

Where do you find yourself spending the most time during the summer months in Miami? While you might be spending more time outdoors, the cleanliness of your home isn’t any less important. Beat the heat and enjoy these interesting (and important) facts about house cleaning.

  • Cleaning / A Clean Environment Can Affect Your Mental State and Personality

It is well-known that house cleaning can increase physical activity and that a clean home can improve mental health. But research has also shown that cleaning / a clean environment can potentially have other profound effects.

One study reported that some parents found a clean room has helped their children study better as well as behave better. Do you have regular housekeeping chores you ask your children to do? While they might be less than excited, there are many great reasons to do so. Assigning chores isn’t only helpful for getting more done around the house in less time. The same study found that cleaning could positively affect a child’s personality. By encouraging children to clean, the likelihood that they will have higher levels of willingness to help others in the community as adults increases by 60 percent.

When it comes to mental health, house cleaning isn’t only important for reducing anxiety. If you are concerned about the effects of aging, it can also potentially lower your risk of dementia.

  • Your Home’s Appliances Are Capable of More Than You Think

From the fridge to the dishwasher, we all know the purposes of the many different appliances in our homes. But, did you know that several of your home’s appliances can be used in more than the traditional way?

It may seem that your dishwasher is only capable of the task it’s named after – washing dishes. However, there are many things that dishwashers can do! Does regularly cleaning all of the items you use in your home seem impossible? Luckily it doesn’t have to be – and it doesn’t have to take much time out of your day! You can use your dishwasher to sanitize children’s toys, clean baseball hats, beauty tools, and sports equipment.

Looking for an effective and efficient way to wash other items in your home? Don’t limit your washer to cleaning clothes – it can be used to clean kitchen sponges, mop heads, mouse pads, backpacks, and more. While your dryer can’t do more than dry, it can be used to help allergies and improve the cleanliness of your home. Are you allergic to dust or do you know someone with an allergy to dust mites? Your dryer doesn’t only dry clothes, but can kill dust mites on stuffed animals and more.

  • Baking Soda and More Can Be Used to Clean Instead of Traditional Cleaning Products

We regularly stress the importance of using green cleaning products over traditional cleaning products. Are you unsure what to use as safer alternatives and how to use them? We’ve included some guidance below!

When you think of baking soda, do you think of making a delicious dessert? This isn’t the only reason why we recommend keeping some on hand. It turns out that baking soda is also great for cleaning and eliminating nasty smells! You can use it to clean everything from the microwave to shower curtains and to deodorize dish rags, your mattress, pet bedding, and much more. Do you have your own pool? Don’t limit your use of this product to indoors – baking soda can be used in pool maintenance!

You’ll also want to have some vinegar easily accessible when you learn about all of the things it can clean! Eliminate the need to use many different products to clean by using vinegar. In the kitchen, you can use it to clean the sink, stove, microwave, and other appliances! But that’s not all – you can also use vinegar to clean many of the objects in the bathroom from the showerhead to the bathtub and toilet.

Our Miami Maid Green team understands that maintaining a clean home can be difficult no matter the time of year! We offer a variety of cleaning services and cleaning frequency options to suit your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about hiring our team,  contact us for a free house cleaning quote!